When we lose the one we love so dearly, the one who is our soulmate
we feel as though our world has come to an end.
It seems at first no one understands how we feel.
Those around us even the ones close to the one we lost sometimes can't understand our grief.
The hurt is so deep we just want to cry and never stop.
We often want to hide from the world and just be with our memories of that special one.
Many times we even become physically ill , not wanting to eat and not being able to in some cases.
Often there is anger, guilt, and denial. These are all normal feelings.
They don't come in any order and sometimes feelings overlap each other.
There is no time limit on grief and no particular order of grief.
For each of us it's very different.

Having said all this let me say as one who has been there my best advice is to feel whatever we feel.
Let the tears flow as they may and never try to stop them.
Talk about the end yes because the only way to deal with it is to express our feelings about it.
Remember the bad times yes, because it's impossible not to, but also try to remember all the good times.
There were so many good things that will in time outweigh those last days or moments that seem to haunt us.
The best way to remember all the good and sometimes even funny times is to talk about the one we lost
to anyone who will listen. We may find others even ones who were close to our love will grow tired of that but remember
there are others who care and will listen. People just like us who love pets and have lost some of their own.
A good way to find them is in a pet support chat room or message board.
Remembering and talking about our love will help keep them alive in our hearts till we realize one day that they need no help.
They are there always and forever and nothing can take that away.
They will live on forever and one day more and guide us from above as they wait till the day we may join them
Never to be separated again.

Aurich Wolf Katie

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