Connie: Mother of David will now say a few words:
I will just say a few words. David was my only child and when
he left us he took a part of me with him.
I thank Sammie for the love and caring she gave to David and the happiness she gave him.
Don was so good to him and they had that father and son bond that you only read about.
But the memory of David that I will always remember is that of David and his son Dale.
They were both so much alike and they worked and laughed and enjoyed each others company.
Losing his father will live with Dale for the rest of his life and that makes me very sad
as Dale has the gentleness and the soul of his father. So I still have Dale to remind me
of my only child David. If your listening and watching this know this my son, I love you.
Thank you everyone for caring for David.

Here then lies a piece of her heart.

Thank You Consuelo M. Cunningham for giving me the most beautiful years of my life. my son.
At this time then if Connie is through, I would like to ask Carewolf and Aurichwolf to do as they have worked out.

The kabballa red string is a symble of hope, peace, and healing.
The red string is wound around the toomb of Rachel in Bethlehem Isreal
Then cut into lengths and worn as a bracelet being placed on the persons
left wrist by someone who loves them.
We knew that David had studied Hebrew and the Kabballa
When we learned of Davidís illness my husband Jay spoke to his friend Irv
who is a General in the Israeli military and since Jay wasn't going to be
back to Haifa Israel for a long time Irv ran out before the stores closed for
the holiday in September and bought one and sent it air mail to me
so Dave could have it when Lobo went to be with him the next time.
It arrived just before Lobo left for that visit
Sammie placed it on his left wrist which is the recieveing side of the body
so he could recieve it's healing peaceful energy.
the kabballa prayers were said daily for David by
the General who got the bracelet for him when he learned David
had become to ill to to do them himself.
When Dave became aware he would soon leave this earth
just a few days before his passing he took off all jewelry
except the red string bracelet and the wedding ring Sammie gave him
As is the tradition she now wears his red string that she placed on his wrist.
The healing energy it holds will now be hers to help heal her shattered heart.


David we know you had a peaceful journey
because as you left this world to travel home
your hand was held by your one true love.
The one who shared with you the best of life
and cared for you and comforted you during the worst of times
From around the world prayers came for you to recover and have the long life
with Sammie that you both wanted and deserved,.

That you would have many more hours with your Father sitting in the park, making him
a steak or teaching him how to do woodworking, and just watching the stars
More time with a son Dale who had just begun to really know his Dad
More time with your Mother who gave you life and blessed your choice of a
life partner by bringing you her wedding rings to place on the hand of your beloved Samantha
but your recovery was not to be.
Though our hearts ache for her and all of your family
we know you will feel no more pain
So In the Jewish tradition we now praise God for your life and the time
he gave us all with you and ask his blessing on you and all you love from this day forward


With one single tear I bid you farewell , for i wanted so to stay.
With all the love you felt for me you let me softly slip away.
With my hand in yours as you stroked my brow you whispered words of love.
As you lingered with memories of what had been I watched you from above,
You wiped away that single tear and kept it close as I was sure that you would do.
It was all that I could leave behind to somehow stay with you.

Written for David and Samantha from my heart after the story she shared
with me about that single tear he shed The only tear she had ever seen him cry
With all my love


These words come from the heart of myself and Jay
who is with us tonight in spirit.
The hugs are sent by Jay
With all my love

SammieWolf: ty

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