Everyday Heros

Her small face turned up, "I'm sorry I'm late,
But I stopped to help a small bird to fly.
He was tangled in some brush and some string and so scared,
And the cat would surely get him if I had just walked by."

The stranded young mother beside the road
It will only take a moment to offer a ride.
If no one cares to stop it's a long hard walk
With little ones to carry or keep there by her side.

Being a hero isn't always facing dangers
It's giving a moment of our time to reach out
It may seem small, but like ripples in the pond,
That it sets events in motion there is no doubt.

One small moment, so easy to spare,
Creates a hero in the reciever's eyes
For the gift it engenders can be monumental
Reaching so much further than we realize.

© Candace aka GhattenWolf .

The Fork In The Road

We reached a fork on a quiet woodland path
One quiet afternoon on a beautiful rainbow filled day
I was unaware as we began our peaceful walk
We were on seperate paths and each go a different way

Had I known this was to be our last walk together
As we shared a blissful morning and a cozy afternoon
Would I have planned for the day another way
Knowing that our journey together would end this soon?

But perhaps this is how it really needs to be
By not knowing it was a good day, free of pain
So I hold to the memories of our time together
And remember you until our paths will cross again.

And had I but known how the day would go
I could have prepared for what came my way,
But it would have clouded the time with sadness
And taken away from us one last perfect day.

(c) Candace aka GhattenWolf

The Wind

A gentle wind kissed my face, welcoming you to our arms
And softly sang a song of welcome to all with ears to hear
The wind did not reveal how long with us you would stay
It sang only the start of a journey, the song of just that day

Through the youthful times of boundless headstrong energy
I watched your fearless play and prayed for you to the wind
Let me make for you a life that is free from harm and tears
When you come home at dayís end may you not see my fears

Through to young adult days with love strong and steadfast
I watched your love and devotion and I prayed to the wind
Let me be worthy and half of the person he believes me to be
May I deserve the love and trust that he gives to me so free

Through the older years my heart, my devoted faithful friend
While we sat together companions, feeling comfortable and safe
Then a gentle wind kissed my face taking you to eternity
I pray to the wind sustain me until again your face I see

© Candace aka GhattenWolf


One day as I traveled along my lifeís path
Three women weaving I happened to see
And I stopped to rest and to watch for a while
As they worked on an intricate tapestry.
As I watched and they wove I began to see
The color of each thread shift and change
And the pattern would alter with the color shift
And the tapestry grew and expanded itís range.
I continued to watch as they continued to weave
And I saw periodically one a thread would snip
And a small hole would form in the tapestry
And the pattern at that point alter and shift.
But others would take up each thread as snipped
And weave it into a new tapestry
No thread seemed lost for even a moment
The flow to the looms seemed as smooth as can be.
Then one of the three smiled up at me
Sad eyes that seemed tired with age
And without a word she explained the threads
And the intricate tapestry they made.
ďThreads cut shorter a short life or child
Longer threads those of ones older
Bright tones for happy moments in life
Dark tones for times sadder and colder
And I watched the two looms and their tapestries
Amazed both from the same threads were woven
The first intricate patterned in dark and light
The second flawless with beauty unspoken
As a single tear fell she again spoke to me
ďWe ,the Fates, weave for all time the tapestry of life
We weave with lifeís threads, the long and the short
Our patterns colored by joy, pain, and strife.Ē
ďThe others are angels who lift up each cut thread
To add to their loom with love oh so gently
Then they weave with colors so perfect and lovely
For their tapestry is the perfect eternity.Ē

©Candace aka GhattenWolf
No life is ever truly lost Ė its course is only altered to travel a distant shore.

Waves of Sorrow

When the waves of Sorrow lap at your feet,
And they work up to your heart.
Silver hued tears run down your cheeks,
And naught but sadness does impart.

Think of this place called Rainbowís Bridge,
And the wondrous glory there.
A silent shadow looks down from a ridge,
And stands on edge your hair.

What is this wondrous graceful sound I hear,
That whispers to me on the breeze?
It is a sound that whispers peace,
And fills my heart with ease.

Is this my love that comes to me,
And whispers on the breeze?
It seems to say feel not guilt,
Listen to my whispers please.

Daddy, mommy, I Love You,
Forever and one day.
In your heart feel not blue,
Just listen to what I say.

I speak to you with sounds of love,
From high upon this ridge.
I wait for you to come above,
Iím happy at Rainbow Bridge.

Written by LoboWolf aka Don Dade 10/03/2003

Shadows Cannot Hide

Ode To A Silver Wolf

Fleeting shadows cross your face, I see pain etched quickly there.
You hide it well with the wall time helped erect.
As I watch gentle winds caress your hair,
while you sit in silent retrospect.

Fleeting shadows in the night betrayed
By the rays from the moon above.
Do you wonder just what might have been
If you had found a sooner love.

Do you wonder at the gentle love
That in your later years did spring
I wonder at the life youíve had
As I see the hurt within.

I sense the years falling back
The blurry shadows cannot hide
What I see buried deep inside
Through the windows of your eyes

The shadows cannot hide from me
The pain that lingers there
At the thought of lost love so fine
As him with the Silver hair.

Written by LoboWolf aka Don Dade

The King

I am furry orange, with pretty eyes of green,
I have three great warrior friends here,
Iíve convinced them Iím their king.

My human taught me very well,
She is the best you know,
And I listened carefully when papa made her yell.

I have watched her through these years,
Iíve seen the stingers that fill her eyes,
Down her cheeks have run the tears.

Tell her please that I am fine,
And I am happy with my pals,
One day she will again be mine.

The silver cord that hangs so straight,
We all watch constantly,
We all take turns, while we patiently wait.

So go play with doodle and tuffy,
And cry not more over me,
You will always have the love of Fluffy.

Written By LoboWolf Don Dade

Words From Above

A great white one, he flies with me.
When the gentle wind they blow.
Other times he listens on his cloud,
For the words from the one below.

He tells me heíll send to you,
My precious words of love.
I love you so my mommy Di,
These thoughts come from above.

In the shadows I often watch you,
But me you can not see.
He says it is not allowed up here,
But watching over you is me.

You are mine, and I am yours,
Forever and one day more.
Until that time my mommy dear,
Itís you that I adore.

We romp and stomp with many pals,
We play lots of games.
Youíll never forget me mommy Di,
For Spooky is my name.

LoboWolf aka Don Dade


There were many sssssssssís added on
At the end of Troubles name.
She had eyes so big and innocent,
They pled, Iím not to blame.

Her was a loving trusting soul,
And loyal right from the start.
She loved her there was no doubt,
With all her mighty heart.

Then one day she began to fade,
It seemed before her eyes.
She had to help her to that place,
The Bridge up in the sky.

She came one day to a room of care,
And all could sense the tears.
Falling like Raindrops from her eyes,
And she could not hide her fears.

Now troubles flies the wind of Peace,
On wings of brilliant white.
She found a great silver wolf,
And once more did love unite.

She shall not ever forget the love,
Of her black princess so fine.
She cried, Troubles please wait for me,
Someday the silver cord Iíll climb.

LoboWolf Don Dade

Rainbow Tears

Red Ones Burn My Angry Eyes
As Grief Drips Down My Face
Liquid Burning Embers Pool
In My Soulís Empty Space

Blue Ones Crush My Shoulders
As I Bow My Head With Pain
These Ones Are Most Familiar
When Sorrow Speaks Your Name

Green Ones Cleanse My Weary Heart
And Wash Away The Fear
A Healing Bath Of Sanity
When Head & Heart Are Clear

Yellow Ones Bring Back Happy Times
Of Days When You Were Here
A Touch, A Smile, A Loving Gaze
From The One I Hold So Dear

Silver Tears Like Snowflakes Fall
So Gently To The Ground
Their Soothing Swirl Embracing Me
A Lost Soul Now Is Found

While You Live Out Your Rainbow Years
I Remain, Crying Rainbow Tears

With Love,
Dianne aka SpookyWolfe--7/19/2004

How Time Has Flown

So many years, so many tears,
How the time has flown.
She still remembers her spooky
And her life is not her own.

How the lovely memories stay,
In her heart and soul.
Herís is a heart that feels but love,
For the many hurting folks.

Once before she touched this heart,
When dreams of silver wrote.
Now she has done it once again,
With this lovely rhyme of prose.

Spookywolfe I hold you dear,
Into this heart you came.
Forever and one day more,
Will you ever remain.

This one too the shewolf will see,
And it will bring her tears.
For she also loved the silver wolf,
And walks the path with me.

I could but hope that in this world,
Of loneliness and strife.
That you have found another love,
And have a better life.

Not one there is could ere replace,
The love for the little spook,
But love abounds right in your heart,
For those who will but look.

For lady Di the spookywolfe
LoboWolf-- 7/20/2004

On The Fly

may the gentle winds that blow,
blow love into your heart.
and may you have forever love,
that from your heart does not part.

may you find happiness and love,
as memories haunt your days.
and love shall come to you,
in many many different ways.

remember you shall the love that was,
buried deep with in your heart.
and may that love sustain you,
till this life you do depart.

In the dark of the night,
Where stilliness abounds
Lives your great love,
Who still makes his rounds.

He sings to the sky,
His song of love.
With head raised and howling,
To the stars above.

For you to have found,
A love so great.
Was a thing called Karma,
Or maybe just fate.

Throughout all life and ever more,
Shall you know love one extra day.
For this is what you gave them,
And your loves they shall stay.

written expescially for Kat
aka SiderBugMPWolf
Lobowolf 08/01/2004

" Miss Priss"

At my best friend Puchie's
is where you got your start.
Born in an old junk car,
thatís where you stole my heart.

You and your 5 littermates,
on our front porch you did roam.
I knew you'd stay with us,
and your littermates, weíd find forever homes.

My sweet little tear taker,
and secret teller too.
Not a day would you allow,
anyone to be blue.

You found your "special needs " soul mate,
in March two thousand two.
and when he left for Heaven,
I think that day you knew.

During the first week without him,
all you did was grieve.
But you still tried to help Mommy,
and that you did achieve.

Within the short time,
of 2 weeks, and 2 days.
You went to be with "Sider Bug"
and left us in a haze.

I will always remember,
the last gift that you gave.
Giving me the insight,
and leaving me amazed.

Thank you my sweet little girl,
for all the loving years.
And for all the laughter,
with kissing away the tears.

12 years of precious memories,
that you gave to me.
Living, loving, caring,
for everyone to see..

Written By: Kat aka SiderBugMPWolf

"Sider Bug"

Seasons come and go my love,
and time still passes by.
But in a haze I find myself,
and many times I cry

You gave me more than I can tell,
a love so faithful and true.
16 months was not enough time,
for me to have with you.

The what if/s and the wondering,
still seem to fill my day.
The would've, could've, should'vs,
since you have gone away.

I gave my all, and did my best,
but that still seems not enough.
For my "special needs" little angel,
that God did me entrust.

My everything is what you are,
and what you shall always be.
My heart, and soul, and all the rest,
is what you are to me.

But God has his own plan,
and with him now youíre shown,
The wonders of being healthy,
that on earth you had not known.

If I could live this over,
and gently turn back time.
I'd do it all with you again,
sweet "SiderBug" of mine.

Written By: Kat aka SiderBugMPWolf

Without You

Life is not the same for me,
without you by my side.
I know that you are healthy now,
no more illnesses to hide.

I miss your gentle kisses,
and how you washed my face.
Never was there sleeping,
until you cleaned every space.

My pillow feels so empty,
without you there at night.
My feelings in such turmoil,
since you have taken flight.

I am happy for you little man,
and know you have much love.
So many friends you have made,
at the Rainbow up above.

Running, playing, happily,
with riddles, and with rhyme.
Welcoming each new one,
when it is their time.

I understand the tears now,
they fall only for me.
I miss you, and I love you,
and how things used too be.

Someday we will be together,
forever and one day more.
My heart will then know happiness,
and together we shall soar..

Written By: Kat aka SiderBugMPWolf

I Watched

I watched the morning sunrise.
I watched the spring leaves tremble.
I watched the gray clouds gather
I watched the silver raindrops.
I watched and saw the rainbow.
It arched across the sky
I remembered then a promise
from the time we said good-bye.
I watch now for tomorrow.
I wait to see a time
Our hearts will join together
at the bridge up in the sky.

In memory of the Boyd kids and Peanut.
SneakerWolf--July 4, 2004

After We Part

Our hearts are forever linked, we are part one of the other
We bound our souls together and a journey we began
We faced the world as one as we traveled through this life
We chose our trail and then began walking hand in hand

Now I continue the journey on the path we had chosen
And as I face our path alone and you travel on ahead
I know that you are also here to guide and guard my steps
To help me to keep true to the path where once you lead

And though now there is only a single set of footprints
I do not fear for I know that I still travel on with you
I feel you as you continue to lead and guide my steps
As you continue leading me from just beyond my view

(c) Candace aka GhattenWolf


I am a mighty hunter,
see me stalking large cunning prey.
I creep up slowly, quietly.

Then I spring after my target,
Soaring high, muscles spring into action.
In the moonlit wilds, I am grace in motion.

My prey eludes me and I look around.
The large Hammock sways eerily in the night breeze.
It is dark and the night suddenly seems so large.
Mommy, where are you and my litter-mates?
It's dark and it's cold and the moth got away,
And, Mommy, I'm hungry and alone and I'm scared.

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

Quiet Sentinels

Quiet sentinels, watching from outside our view
Close enough to touch us, to wrap their love around our hearts.
For now we see them only in dreams and memories,
Gone now from our lives but forever and always a part.

Was it so long ago they were a small ball of fur and fun?
Has it been so long since they were a strong and regal youth?
Did we not see them change with age slowly before our eyes?
We saw them only with love, blinding us to the truth.

Their time is short compared to ours, we know this but deny it,
Blindly hoping we can hold back the sands of time.
So we are never ready to let go and are not ready to see
That life and time flow in a circle and not a straight line.

And so they leave us but they don't really leave us,
For their spirits circles back to watch over us with love.
Quiet sentinels, watching from outside our view
Waiting for us to complete our tasks and rejoin them above

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

The Bowl

Hi, Green Eyes, do you see?
I've found us a ship to sail to sea!
Oh no, Gold Eyes, it's a hovercraft,
So we can touch the sky at last!

An Olympic bobsled, a fast hydroplane,
A carnival teacup to drive you insane,
A million things for an afternoon's play,
As their imagination filled up their day.

And as the sun set and they came home to nap,
And after a bath from their momma cat,
I'll retrieve my bowl from the patio chair
And go to the garden and see what is there.

But inside my 2 kittens and sweet momma cat,
Dreams of adventures from where the bowl sat,
Content that they went to such marvelous places
Sleep little ones with your sweet happy faces

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

The Dream

I live in the shadows of others' lives,
Rarely feeling the sunlight of living on my face,
Never knowing the security and peace
That comes from having a secure and loving space.

But I know what the light is all about -
We've heard the stories passed from heart to heart
Of those who used to have a space
And through no fault found their lives at a new start.

Was it so hard to care for them?
You put them out, alone and afraid, and you moved on.
Could you not see their hurt and loss?
The pain they felt when the love they had known was gone?

That is how we came to be . . . . .
Wild, unwanted, living a life filled with struggles and worries,
A life of fear and uncertainty
Wanting only the sunlight we know only from the stories.

At some point you made us disposable.
Know that we are each unique - a heart, a soul, and a life.
We crave the light, the hope, and the love.
So we hold to the dream to move from the shadows to the light.

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

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