A Daddy was coming to take his babies home.
The sky became very bright just as it always does when a beloved parent arrives.
Pooky the tender of the babies knew that a very special person was coming this fine day.
He was the Grandfather of the WolfPack that Pooky had begun.
Lobowolf, Pooky's Daddy, had called to Pooky on his special star to watch for him.
He heard the sadness in his voice-he heard the howling of his Daddy’s WolfPack begging Grandfather to stay.
However, it was not to be and Pooky got the call to gather all of Grandfather Running Wolf's babies at the bridge
so they would be ready when their daddy came.
A good-bye party was hastily planned so all could bid them adieu- until the day they would meet again.
The day when they would be summoned to cross over the Rainbow Bridge with their own special friend.

Dede and Doogie were playing in the meadow with their brothers and sisters when Pooky came to get them.
Somehow, when the sky lit up they knew that this time it was for them and their family.
They watched the sky with eager anticipation and spotted their Daddy walking towards them through the misty clouds.
His Great White Wolf was walking by his side.

They raced across the meadow and ran to him. He kneeled down and stretched open his arms to hug them.
They rained happy kisses on his face. They had been separated for so long.
They looked into his eyes and he told them,” My loves now is the time. I have come to get you.
I am young and strong again just as you are. We will walk together over the Rainbow Bridge.
It is finally time for us to go home. I am eager to see all who went before me and are waiting now across the way.
” Looking over into the distance, they saw a crowd of people and animals standing on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
He said to them, “I am so happy to be here with you and anxious to see my family and friends who are waiting. "

They looked up and saw tears streaming down their daddy’s face.
Dede asked him, "Why are you crying on such a joyous day?"
He answered,” I am crying for the loved ones that I had to leave for now.
I feel their tears and their grief. I hope they know that I will always be watching over them.
That I will I will come to lend support whenever they need me.
I cry that my great-grandchildren will know me only through stories. I love them so much.
I hear them all calling to me especially your Mommy Ruth and your Aunts and Uncle.
I told Oreo to bring my shoes and put them on the sofa-as a sign of my love and continued devotion.
Kelsee, Oreo, and Snozie gave me a bunch of wet kisses. I told them one day we will all be together.
I asked them to keep watch over their Mommy Ruth. I kissed your Mommy as she slept and called her name. (Smile)
I pray that she will know peace and joy from the love that we shared, over 59 wonderful years together.
I kissed each of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Then I sent a bright star to light up the sky and tell all my devoted family,
my cyber –daughters, my Silver Son and all my beloved friends
that I will always be watching over them.
They should look to the brightest star in the sky,
the star that Nashoba Ahalaia (Carewolf) named for me, and I will hear them.
There is something we still must do.
I promised Nashoba Ahalaia I would wait for Spartacus and bring him across the bridge
with his brothers, Mr. Mutzy and Donneyhill McGoo, his sisters, Miss Brandy and Shezam Love,
and his Mommy, Pandora, and Daddy, Loki.
They will wait with us until the day that we are all together again.

Written by

Nashoba Ahalaia aka CareWolf

© August 8, 2005

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