Moon When Wolves Run Together ~

Long ago, an old wolf
came to that time
when his life on earth
could last no longer.
'My people', he said,
'you can follow in my footsteps
when the time comes for you
to join me in the skyland.'
Then he left the earth,
climbing higher and higher,
and each place he stepped
the sky filled with stars

'Shunk man-i-tu tan-ka',
we call the wolves,
the powerful spirits
who look like dogs.
When they climb the hills
to lift their heads and sing
toward that road of stars,
their songs grow stronger
as they join their voices.

So, in this moon, we climb the hills
lift our eyes toward the Wolf Trail
and remember that our lives
and songs are stronger
when we are together."

~ Joseph Bruchac & Jonathan London,
Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back ~

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