Thank you for letting me go:

You were with me to the very end
and even after I had "gone", you held me,
and as my soul left my body and I looked down and saw you crying,
I wanted so much to tell you that I understood.
You did this for me.
I tried to tell you in my own way
that it was time for me to leave,
and I thank you for understanding.
No other will take my place,
but those I left behind will need your love
and affection as I have had.
You still think of me,
and there are times you try to hide your tear
--But please--
be happy and think not of sadness,
but of how I made you happy
and made you laugh at the funny and smart things I did.

I am at Rainbow bridge now.

Many of us who are older take care of the little ones
and guide them.
It's fun watching them run
with their ears flopping and their tails wagging.
We have four seasons here at the Bridge...
and most of us agree winter is our favorite.
When it is time for my friends to leave,
I will meet them at Rainbow Bridge,
and I will acquaint them with this beautiful and serene place,
and I will take care of them for you...
Thank you for loving me,
caring for me,
and having the courage to let me go with dignity...


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