There were many tears shed for you,
Of that please have no doubt.
When the angels came and took you,
As you fought your final bout.

You just could not beat the monsters,
That you fought all your life.
God finally gave his call for you,
As you fought that final fight.

Three pain filled sets of tears fell,
While you lay there silently.
From the eyes that could be there,
Your Mommy, Dr. Pammy and me.

I wonder did you feel them fall,
On your pretty red red fur.
You were mommy’s precious angel,
And daddies little blue eyed girl.

Please know little precious shishi,
Our tears did not fall alone.
For many many others felt,
To them also did you belong.

You heard my gently whispered words,
That your ears only could hear.
As I told you of the love shared,
While there dropped one lonely tear.

We saw your eyes rolled up to mommy,
Standing by your side above.
They seemed to plead with her,
Mommy please give me one more love.

I want one more hug and a final word,
From the precious one who loved me.
Before the Angels take me away,
And the monsters set me free.

So travel on your special Sojourn,
We hope you know you’re not alone.
Parts of other hearts went with you,
The day the Angels took you home.

Don & Linda Dade

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