Everyday Heros

Her small face turned up, "I'm sorry I'm late,
But I stopped to help a small bird to fly.
He was tangled in some brush and some string and so scared,
And the cat would surely get him if I had just walked by."

The stranded young mother beside the road
It will only take a moment to offer a ride.
If no one cares to stop it's a long hard walk
With little ones to carry or keep there by her side.

Being a hero isn't always facing dangers
It's giving a moment of our time to reach out
It may seem small, but like ripples in the pond,
That it sets events in motion there is no doubt.

One small moment, so easy to spare,
Creates a hero in the reciever's eyes
For the gift it engenders can be monumental
Reaching so much further than we realize.

© Candace

After We Part

Our hearts are forever linked, we are part one of the other
We bound our souls together and a journey we began
We faced the world as one as we traveled through this life
We chose our trail and then began walking hand in hand

Now I continue the journey on the path we had chosen
And as I face our path alone and you travel on ahead
I know that you are also here to guide and guard my steps
To help me to keep true to the path where once you lead

And though now there is only a single set of footprints
I do not fear for I know that I still travel on with you
I feel you as you continue to lead and guide my steps
As you continue leading me from just beyond my view

(c) Candace


Because love cannot be measured by time but only by depth
Because love cannot die it can only change it’s form
Because some links can never be broken

© Candace


In the quiet corners of my life I feel you
Always hovering - always near
There, but not there, just out of my view
A comfortable companion

I've noticed you for a while and wondered
were you cause for fear or hope
I've wondered if my thoughts were heard
Or if you were aware of me at all

Are you my memories lingering to haunt me
with wishes I cannot make true
Are you Time standing there just to taunt me
Echoes of the past and the future

With the passage of time as I begin to heal
and memories become warm and sweet
I realize that you are my lost one's love I feel
Bidding me hope as they watch over me.

In the quiet corners of my life I feel you
Always hovering - always near
There, but not there, just out of my view
A comfortable companion
Loving, watching, caring.

© Candace

The Gift

i look into eyes time has gentled with love
and i feel a heart i want always to be near
i hear the winds whisper of times yet to be
and i listen to a voice i want always to hear

but i feel too a bond that will never be broken
and i hear the wind whisper softly it will be
even when we are apart we are connected still
by a love that will stand the test of all eternity

though you have traveled on and i yet remain
i still feel your touch on my heart and my soul
and i feel your love soft and warm around me
and i know that what we have will never die

(c) Candace 2/1/06

For Love

i will weave for you from love a shelter from the rain,
and always have for you a hug to hug away the pain,
i'll sing for you a song to let your heart know i am near,
i'll hold you hand, stand at your side to face with you all fear.

i'll hold the dreams you choose to dream safely in my soul,
i'll reach cross space and time to reach a place where i feel whole,
and if time passes by and ne'er our eyes should ever meet,
know that sometimes two inner hearts may yet as one heart beat

© Candace

The Fork In The Road

We reached a fork on a quiet woodland path
One quiet afternoon on a beautiful rainbow filled day
I was unaware as we began our peaceful walk
We were on separate paths and each go a different way

Had I known this was to be our last walk together
As we shared a blissful morning and a cozy afternoon
Would I have planned for the day another way
Knowing that our journey together would end this soon?

But perhaps this is how it really needs to be
By not knowing it was a good day, free of pain
So I hold to the memories of our time together
And remember you until our paths will cross again.

And had I but known how the day would go
I could have prepared for what came my way,
But it would have clouded the time with sadness
And taken away from us one last perfect day.

(c) Candace

I Chose This Time

I chose this time to leave when the sun warms the days
When the buds are all swollen with the promise of new life
When the breath of life returns joyously to all of the earth
When Spring affords an awakening from Winter’s strife

I chose this time amid the joyful butterflies’ dance
When if air is filled with the songbirds’ trill of love
When the earth is fragrant with delicate first flowers
When new growth and new life flow from above

I chose this time so when you remember my leaving
You will remember a day filled with sunshine and light
You will recall a bright day filled with promise and hope
You will see a time filled with the promise of new life

I chose this time because I will always love you.

© Candace

I Thank You

I thank you for the living years
Days filled with fun and love
When I walked this earth by your side
Before I was called above.

No longer a silly ball of baby fuzz
No longer a proud brave youth
No longer a strong and noble friend
What's left is just me, just my truth

For I have changed so many times
Yet somehow you've always loved me
Without seeing that what you really loved
Was inside of me not what you should see

I am now free from imprisonment
I am no longer shackled by pain
Please do not feel that I am gone
For we will see each other again

But you worry that the details may dim
That one day you'll forget my face
Like your clothes, my face has changed many times
What you loved is my inner grace

As time stole my beauty and strength
And dimmed my hearing and sight
Our love was not dimmed in the least
And you became my beauty and light

Should you now see the sweet innocent face of a child
Or the strong and brave face of fiery youth
Or the steadfast face of a trusted friend
Or the grizzled face old with the truth

Now that I do not reside in this plane
Don't worry if my earthly guise you can't see
Remember my inner spirit and light
The me that your heart always could see.

(c) Candace

If On That Day

If on that day it comes, the feet that leave this path are mine
And you stay here to carry on while I travel on ahead
Do not mourn for me dear friend, take joy in what we shared
Carry on our journey, face each day with love instead

Please know that I will never leave - I’ll be here at your side
So linked by a strong silver cord that only we can see
I’ll be the wind you feel at your elbow on a still summer day
No farther than a heartbeat - that’s how close I’ll be

That day was written long ago by our loving creator’s hand
Until that day let’s find joy in this beautiful world
And it will all proceed in time - in accordance with his plan
As slowly our life’s tapestries are so gently unfurled

When that day does in time arrive, please take my hand in yours
Hold it softly and whisper to the silver web my name
And as I change my form know I still will be forever in your heart
The bond we share will not break but ever will remain

© Candace


Know I will never leave you - I will forever reside
In the warm places in your memories,
And though you may not see me here at your side
If you are quiet you can still feel and hear me.

I have left this world that for me became a chore
And I am in a place where I am whole and well.
Our love will always bind us, now and evermore,
I wait for you with love greater than I can tell.

When we are together I am content and complete
My love and my joy in us knows no end.
If I could have one day on earth I could repeat
I’d choose the day that you became my friend.

© Candace

Life’s Plan

"Hey, what happened, how did I get here?
I finally got a home,a name, and a friend!
After all of the running, the fear, and the tears
My time all alone had come to an end."

"Dear little one, you have no need to fear,
Your journey was all so carefully planned,
God knew that your path was a hard one
He gave you to him to know love and a name"

"But I see his tears - it's not fair - I won't go.
He opened his home and his life and his heart!"
"He gave you love, healing, and peace little one,
Those precious gifts were to be his part."

"He allowed you to know that the world does hold good,
And to heal from the wrongs you had known in your life.
Now you job is to watch over his heart from here,
And offer comfort to him during hardship and strife."

But I could have done that and stayed there with him,
We could have been happy and took on the world,
We could have held to each other, so tight, so secure
We could have grown so as our love was unfurled.

"Dear little one, you have no need to fear,
Your journey was all so carefully planned,
And your story together has only begun
The love that you share always will stand.

© Candace

Midnight Veil

I stand beside you and see you weep
And I feel the love we will always keep
But you don't see me standing here
But we promised to stay always near

I may have walked ahead, round the bend
But please believe that this isn't the end
For love such as ours can never fade away
But grow ever stronger forever and one day

And you weep for what seems the end of our tale
As I stand here behind a thin Midnight Veil
You weep for I am gone to a place you cannot see
As you gaze upon a point where nothing seems to be

But I will never leave you, our love is far to true
I guard your path every step with my love for you
And though you cannot see me I watch your every day
Though you cannot hear me I hear every word you say

And when at last we're together again
At the Bridge that is at the Rainbow's end
Then our hearts rejoice as each other we see
And we start our journey through eternity

© Candace

Quiet Sentinels

Quiet sentinels, watching from outside our view
Close enough to touch us, to wrap their love around our hearts.
For now we see them only in dreams and memories,
Gone now from our lives but forever and always a part.

Was it so long ago they were a small ball of fur and fun?
Has it been so long since they were a strong and regal youth?
Did we not see them change with age slowly before our eyes?
We saw them only with love, blinding us to the truth.

Their time is short compared to ours, we know this but deny it,
Blindly hoping we can hold back the sands of time.
So we are never ready to let go and are not ready to see
That life and time flow in a circle and not a straight line.

And so they leave us but they don't really leave us,
For their spirits circles back to watch over us with love.
Quiet sentinels, watching from outside our view
Waiting for us to complete our tasks and rejoin them above.

© Candace

Small Words - The Wisdom Of A Child

"She's gone", "He's gone" just two small words,
"She's gone", "He's gone" just a simple short phrase,
But held there within those two small simple words
Is a hurt that will darken many harsh pain filled days.

Two words that seem so simple, yet shatter my soul
Two words that leave an empty aching hole in my heart
Two words that I'd give the very world to undo
Two words that have somehow torn my world apart

As my tears flow unchecked I reflect on these two words,
Such simple small words, yet they feel so cruel and harsh.
Then I hear a small soft child's voice, "She's in heaven".
The wisdom of a child, three small words that ease my heart.

© Candace


One day as I traveled along my life’s path
Three women weaving I happened to see
And I stopped to rest and to watch for a while
As they worked on an intricate tapestry.

As I watched and they wove I began to see
The color of each thread shift and change
And the pattern would alter with the color shift
And the tapestry grew and expanded it’s range.

I continued to watch as they continued to weave
And I saw periodically one a thread would snip
And a small hole would form in the tapestry
And the pattern at that point alter and shift.

But others would take up each thread as snipped
And weave it into a new tapestry
No thread seemed lost for even a moment
The flow to the looms seemed as smooth as can be.

Then one of the three smiled up at me
Sad eyes that seemed tired with age
And without a word she explained the threads
And the intricate tapestry they made.

“Threads cut shorter a short life or child
Longer threads those of ones older
Bright tones for happy moments in life
Dark tones for times sadder and colder”

And I watched the two looms and their tapestries
Amazed both from the same threads were woven
The first intricate patterned in dark and light
The second flawless with beauty unspoken

As a single tear fell she again spoke to me
“We ,the Fates, weave for all time the tapestry of life
We weave with life’s threads, the long and the short
Our patterns colored by joy, pain, and strife.”

“The others are angels who lift up each cut thread
To add to their loom with love oh so gently
Then they weave with colors so perfect and lovely
For their tapestry is the perfect eternity.


No life is ever truly lost – its course is only altered to travel a distant shore.

The Wind

A gentle wind kissed my face, welcoming you to our arms
And softly sang a song of welcome to all with ears to hear
The wind did not reveal how long with us you would stay
It sang only the start of a journey, the song of just that day

Through the youthful times of boundless headstrong energy
I watched your fearless play and prayed for you to the wind
Let me make for you a life that is free from harm and tears
When you come home at day’s end may you not see my fears

Through to young adult days with love strong and steadfast
I watched your love and devotion and I prayed to the wind
Let me be worthy and half of the person he believes me to be
May I deserve the love and trust that he gives to me so free

Through the older years my heart, my devoted faithful friend
While we sat together companions, feeling comfortable and safe
Then a gentle wind kissed my face taking you to eternity
I pray to the wind sustain me until again your face I see

© Candace

They Never Leave Alone

Soft eyes glowing kindly, "It's time little one.
I've come to watch over your steps coming home.
You've done what you should and done it all well,
and you won't have to travel this path on your own."

"But it cannot be time - No, I'm not ready,
I still have so much love left to give!
And Momma's heart's breaking, how can I go?"
"It's never "done" no matter how long you live.

But the path doesn't end, it just turns past your sight,
And once traveled - you can still visit and care.
And then you can comfort and offer her light,
And though she can't see you, she'll know that you're there."

"But momma's heart's breaking - how can I go?
How can I leave and cause her such pain?"
"Because little angel, your job here is done.
Just know that one day you will see her again."

© Candace


I look into the mirror with red-rimmed eyes
And see pain filled eyes looking back at me,
The pain in my soul and a deep sense of loss
Color my perception of the person that I see.

Slowly vision shifts and I see someone else,
The person that I was before we ever met.
And as I watch over time I see the changes,
Gifts that your presence and love did beget.
And I feel a soothing touch brush me lightly,
And I feel a calming warmth touch my soul,
And I see there looking back in the mirror,
The parts of you in me that make me whole.

As long as I am here your light will go on,
The parts that are you are the best parts of me.
I know in my heart I am better for you love,
I know who you are has set my spirit free.

The vessel that had held your light is shattered.
You have traveled ahead, your tasks here done.
For now you watch over and guide me with love,
Until the day we travel on forever more as one.

Candace 6/1/07


I close my eyes to sense the soft breezes of change,
My wings spread as I face toward the wind of time.
I gather stardust in the soft folds of my gown
And pirouette on a moonbeam to express the joy that’s mine.

I reflect on the stars as they sing of the universe
Getting lost in the beauty of their happy twinkling dance,
And I marvel as I see how it all fits so perfectly.
Even the smallest details are never left to chance.

The treasures my heart will forever hold close
Are mementoes of times ever special and dear.
For the home is where the heart is ever safe
And priceless memories are always kept near.

For everything is guided by a true and loving hand,
And by his design it all fits so perfectly.
What is so rare as a day in June filled with love,
Or as perfect as the total that is eternity.

© Candace 6/11/07

Star Light, Star Bright, Carry Love To Those I Miss Tonight

I stand beneath a velvet canopy pinned up with diamonds bright,
I reach out with all that’s within me, my heart and soul and mind.
I look to the pinpoints of light and wonder if my heart will go on,
If I will see and touch those I miss one day in the fullness of time.

Will I feel the empty pain ‘til my broken heart is a work of art?
Will my silent tears flow ‘til my cry is a lonely mournful song?
Will my mind remain frozen somewhere just at the edge of life?
Will I remain lost in emptiness seeking the love for which I long?

And beyond the stars in the heavens, sad eyes watch over my steps,
Reaching out to ease my pain and touch my hurting heart with love.
And my loves send me soft whispers, riding the gentle night winds
'You are never alone, we are here, we watch over you from above.'

© Candace 5/29/07

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