Just After The Storm.

Just after the storm
We see a rainbow above
It speaks to us of peace
It speaks to us of love

The sky that had been grey
Suddenly turns bright
And weíre bathed in the glow
Of the rainbow colored light

We see the mood has changed
In this very short span of time
From all the fury and anger
To peace that is truly divine

We see the rainbow glowing
See how it lights the skies
It brings a feeling of hope
As itís reflected in our eyes

The rainbow-colored mural
There for all to share
Was put there as a promise
By the one who really cares

© Carol aka Nashoba Ahalaia
May, 2006


Some say the Rainbow Bridge is a fantasy
That there is no place where our babies run free
But I hold the belief and hope in my heart
That my loved ones and I are not far apart
Warmed by the glow that radiates from above
I travel through life still touched by their love
From the moment I knew their souls took flight
My cries could be heard piercing the night
They come to me from that special star
I can't see them but I feel they aren't far
I sense theyíre here to lessen my pain
And show me we will be together again
They will be here to teach me to fly
When the day comes for me to take to the sky
Up to the heavens with my angels Iíll soar
From that day on, we will part nevermore

~~ Nashoba Ahalaia ~ CareWolf ~~
December 31, 2005 ©

There Is Nothing I Can Say.

There is nothing I can say
That could ever even start
To ease the pain you feel
As your heart is torn apart

The angels came for him
And gently carried him above
But he'll always be with you
Through all your acts of love

He is like the gentle wind
Swirling round your face
Softly whispering to you
From a distant place

You will have times of sorrow
Also times that you will smile
Thinking of the love you shared
Golden memories so worthwhile

One day your soul will heal
And the sun return to your heart
Itís then that you will know
That you will never really part

© Carol Ross aka Carewolf

Happy At Rainbow Bridge.

I love you so very much
I donít have the words to say
But the angels came and told me
It was my time to fly away

I knew that my leaving
Would make you very sad
Tears would flow from your eyes
Because you would feel so bad

But I want you to know
I am very happy here
The sun always shines
And the nights are all clear

Gentle animals romp around
In the lush meadows of green
And over all in the sky
A brilliant rainbow can be seen

I have all that I want
Except for one thing, itís true
And thatís what I will have
When once again Iím with you

© Carol Ross aka Carewolf-June, 2006

My Forever Love

It happened the first time I saw your precious face
I knew weíd be together throughout time and space.
All it took was one look, a brief momentary glance.
And I knew in my heart, it was time for our dance.

I held you in my arms and looked deeply in your eyes.
I felt your fur so soft, and heard your little sighs.
It happened so quickly, it took me by shock.
But I knew in that instant that our hearts would forever lock.

You were my special friend, my one and only love.
I know that you were sent by the angels up above.
As we traveled through our lives, you were always by my side.
I hoped youíd stay forever, but as time flew by I cried.

I knew all the while, we would have to part one day.
I prayed I could stop time so with me youíd always stay.
The waning days of summer came, and somehow in my heart I knew.
The angels were coming to take you, my loyal heart so true.

I held your paw as you left me, your soul, a glowing orange light.
It was then I gave you my heart, and cried when I knew youíd taken flight.
The angels cried sweet tears as they carried you above,
For they knew that they had taken my precious forever love.
© Carol Ross aka Carewolf
July 18, 2006

The Whisper In The Wind.

The days turn into weeks
And níer the sound do you hear
The whisper in the wind
That tells you she is near

You miss the feel of her hugs
The gentleness of her touch
You wonder how you will go on
For you long for her so much

You wonder why she is gone
Why was she taken from you
How will you live without
Your special dog so true

Your grief may turn to guilt
You feel such hurt and pain
Wish there were something you could do
To bring her back to you again?

One day the pain will lessen
You again will see the sun
And remember you were loved
By your very special one

© Carol Ross aka Nashoba Ahalaia
June 1, 2006

The Starry sky

Look up into the starry sky
You may sense me flying by
Look out on a bright sunny day
Itís not true that Iíve gone away

Donít you know I will always be near
Canít you feel my love for you so dear
I see the tears flow from your eyes
I hear your soul as it silently cries

My arms reach out to send you love
The message dispatched from a star above
You may think that we are far apart
When really I am as close as your heart

Look through your soul and you will see
My love for you will always be.
Weíre just a whisper in the wind away
We will be together forever and a day

© Carol Ross aka CareWolf

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