Saying goodbye is the hardest thing I ever had to do.
Letting one run on ahead as special as you.
But let you go i knew i must no matter how it hurt my heart.
For deep inside I knew we would never really be apart.

That silver cord that conects your heart with mine.
Will remain through out the years and stand the test of time.
Time nor space can ever take away our love.
For i know you watch me from the stars above.

So each and every night I will look to the sky.
Sometimes i will be sad and sometimes i will cry.
But your love will give me strength to carry on.
My heart knows you aren't really gone.

As i look to the stars in the sky above.
My lonely heart feels your healing love.
The tears i shed will dry upon my face.
And my soul will feel your warm embrace.

Life will go on and one day we shall be.
Together once again my love you and me.
When that day comes my time on earth will be complete.
And we will be together once again when our souls meet.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Do you feel me in your heart when you think of me?
In the quiet moments of the night when you are all alone is where I will always be.
The morning sun will find me with you resting by your side.
Through all time no matter where you are with you i will abide.

The moments we shared ,our memories will always be with you.
Noone can take our time away what we shared will get you through.
My love for you will never end it goes on throughout eternity.
Then one day you will come to where i am and always be wth me.

So please be strong and worry not for I am happy here.
Your thoughts of me comfort my soul and let me know you are near.
My greatest wish is that when you miss me most you feel me always near.
And know deep within your heart that when you come i will be waiting here.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Looking back in time I now so clearly see.
My heart was ment to love only you and yours to love just me
Seeing all the precious momentsof our life like looking in a mirror in time.
Your face reflected in that mirror keeps you forever gentle on my mind.

As each day goes by and it seems you are farther away from me.
I have only to look into that mirror when i need to see.
Our life as we knew it and all we shared each day .
It keeps you close and lets me know you aren't so far away.

In time i know we will be together once more you and i my love.
As you watch me from your place at rainbow bridge above.
You see my tears and know my love for you will be ever in my heart.
And you know the day will come that we sahll meet again never more to part

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


God loaned us you for just a little while and to soon called you away.
He let us learn to love you so very much but could not let you stay.
He had a special plan for you he said and needed you above.
But it broke our hearts to let you go our precious little love.

We never realised how much we could care for one so sweet as you.
But when we looked into your eyes our hearts instantly knew.
The time we had was not very long but memories we have to share.
We look to the rainbow in the sky and tell you how much we care.

Our hearts rejoice when we realise where you have gone to stay.
And know there could be no better place if you had to go away.
For in the very hand of God we know you will remain.
Untill one day we may see you once more and be with you again.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


In the lovely mist of the early dawn of life a tiny soul is born.
A fragile cry is heard as life begins and the sun dawns on a beautiful new morn>
So much joy and love to give from one so frail and small in size.
So much trust and hope i see in those shining eyes.

As this one grows and learns of life in this world love is all they ever ask.
So God puts them into the caring hands of one who he knows is up to the task.
With all the love locked inside a special heart given so freely that little one will thrive.
And know each day the joy of simply being alive.

All to soon the days fly by and that tiny soul has lost it's zest to live.
It breaks our heart to see that little one grow old and we know we have given all we can give.
But they see things much more clearly then we do and in time we will know.
It is with sadness of leaving us but yet with a peaceful heart they go.

For they know of the everlasting peace and joy that awaits them as they return.
And one day as time goes on we also shall surely learn.
That in a lovely mist a tiny soul returns to it's former home and the circle of life is complete.
And that one day in a misty dawn our souls will join with theirs and once more we shall meet.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Dwell not on the sad and tragic end.
But instead let your memories be of happy times we shared.
Know in your heart and soul you were my closest friend.
And remember with peace of heart that I always knew how much you cared.

What life has in store for us is a mistory to each until it comes to pass.
Each one has a path to walk and noone knows the journeys end at the start.
If only we could see where life would take us through a looking glass.
We would know the time and day we would have to part.
But if we knew all there was to know and what life had in store.
We would focus on the end and never enjoy the dance.
We would not be free to live and love as we diid before>
So in sweet memories dwell now upon the time we had the chance.

My heart is with you still and for ever and one day.
There is a silver cord that conects our hearts that the eye can never see.
So with all my heart my dearest friend I have these words to say.
Deep inside your heart and soul forever i shall be..

I ahall wait for you where no harm can ever come to me.
At a beautiful place called Rainbow Bridge where peace and love abound.
One wonderful day in time you will come and waiting there for you I shall be. ~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Precious Angels gone to soon ,leaving us to cry.
Watching now from Rainbow Bridge the ones you left behind.
We walk alone now missing ones we love and daily wonder why.
They were called to run ahead leaving us behind.

Tears fall from our eyes like silver raindrops as our hearts break in two.
Whispering in the darkest night my Angel how much i still miss you.
Time will not take away the pain and sorrow still fills our hearts tis true.
But we carry on each day knowing we will meet again when our time on earth is through.

So as we miss the ones we lost and wish they did not have to leave.
We carry on each day knowing we are never really apart.
In time we learn to love again even tho we will still grieve.
For when they had to go they left behind a loving caring heart.

They teach us well just how to love as they did when they were here.
To share our love so freely and to be the one they knew we could be.
And as they watch us now each day from where they are far above.
We only want them to be proud of what we learned and all that they can see.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Once a love is in our heart it never leaves us even when they are gone away.
We miss them so very much and wish with all our hearts they could always stay.
When love is new we never think there will be an end.
When the time comes for one to leave we never want to loose our spacial friend.

Days that remain in our memories will always be deep inside our heart.
Letting us know we will never really be apart.
Lonely nights that seem filled with pain can be so sweet.
When we remember all the good times we shared till once again we meet.

No matter how long the time we had is never as long as we would want it to be.
There will be our happy reunion at rainbow bridge when once more we will see.
The one who has remained in our heart forever and one day.
And we will be together there ever more to stay

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


If tomorrow never comes then we had yesterday.
If we never have one more moment we have our memories
If time stands still and there are no more words to say.
You will hear me calling you in the softness of the breeze.

Listen to your heart and you will feel me there.
Deep within your soul i will stay with you.
Thoughts of me will keep you warm I will be everywhere.
No matter where you go my love will always be true.

If tomorrow never comes then i will wait for you my friend.
Just beyond the rainbow where there is not a care.
Of one thing you can be sure there will never be an end.
One day you will come and find me waiting there.

So look beyond the rainbow and hear me softly say.
There is no need for all those tears my love.
We shall be together forever and one day.
Until then i shall watch you from above.

I will hold you in my heart and never let you go.
I will guide your every footstep along lifes way.
Then one day i will run to your waiting arms and you will know.
This is our time and you may come and stay.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


When one leaves our side and goes on ahead to wait we think your heart will never heal.
Then one day one comes along and brings us so much joy we thought we would never feel.
They bring us all the peace of heart sent from one far above.
The one who left us here behind knew we needed someone special to love.
So with all the love they had inside they picked just the one they knew
Would help us heal and make us smile and see us safely through.
So when that one comes into your life enjoy each and every beautiful day.
For the one who sent that special one is watching you from far away.
Happy now at last they know we have someone to love and care,
They can now rest and wait for us till its our time to join them there,

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


This heart still remembers these eyes still cry.
For love long gone and wonders why.
This love we had will always live.
With this aching heart you taught me how to give.

In time with you I learned the way.
Without you here tho I must stay.
The path I walk is hard and long.
With your love to guide I will be strong.

Tho life without your smile is sometimes sad.
Strength comes to me from the love we had,
I will not fail to share that love.
As you watch and guide my footsteps from above.

So when you see my tears that flow.
There is one thing you must know.
Some are sad but some are happy to.
For memories i share with you.

Memories of happy times we share.
Memories of love beyond compare.
Thoughts of you often bring a smile to my face.
As u renenber you are in a wonderful place.

A place of peace and love and joy beyond belief.
A place where there is no sadness or grief.
For that my heart sings and i have peace my friend.
For I know I will join you one day when my path is at its end.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


If only i could send angels to protect that heart i love so much.
Ones that would keep it safe and give a healing touch.
When others cause you pain and in your voice i hear.
Sorrow of a wounded heart they would always be neer.

If only there were angels to guard your heart from pain.
To keep it safe and hold it close to never ache again.
As i write this i feel them close and know there really are.
The ones we sent to rainbow bridge and they are never far.

They will guard your loving heart forever and one day.
No matter how often your heart aches they will always stay,
Close by to heal every wound and dry each tear you shed for all eternity.
The angels at Rainbow Bridge will keep your heart safe and hold it tenderly

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Did you know how much I loved you when I held you that last time
Was there something else I could have done I had not time to do.
Had I shown you just how happy I was that you were really mine.
Did I ever tell you in this world there would only be one you.

Do you know how sad I was when I had to let you go.
That I cried so many tears for you and still they do not end.
Were there ever times my love for you I somehow failed to show.
Did you know in all this world you were my very closest friend.

As I remember our life together now I pary with all my heart.
That I never failed you in any way and that you always knew.
Tho now you have run on ahead and we are far apart.
My love for you shall always be forever strong and true.

So go in peace and joy my special one to where you can run free.
To where the lovely rainbow ends and love will fill your heart.
Be happy there and know my love is real as you wait for me.
And that one day i will come to you and never we shall part

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~2006-2020~~


Softly running through my heart.
Gently touching my aching soul.
Tho we are so far apart.
I feel somehow our love is whole.

Never have you left my side.
Always staying close by me.
While i sleep you will abide.
When i wake your face I see.

Whispers in the night I hear.
Softly lulling me to sleep.
Don't you worry I am near.
Your heart is in my care to keep.

Neverending love I feel from above.
Constant healing touch upon my heart,
You have never left me my love,
We are never really far apart.

Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie ~~Jan. 20 2006-2020~~


Always on my mind, forever in my heart.
It seems like only yesterday we met and now we are apart.
You knew my every mood my thoughts my feelings and my mind.
There was no one else who knew ,you were one of a kind.

The years flew by so quickly since first we became as one.
In my life you were always there like the morning sun.
First face I saw each day and last one every night.
Your eyes reflected hope and love and made my whole world bright.

In your loving heart I came first no matter what the cost.
If you knew i was in danger all other thoughts for you were lost.
When the storms were brewing you knew and always came to me.
You had your special way of telling me the things that were to be.

I felt so safe ecah moment with you beside me every day.
My heart cries out in so much pain why couldn't you just stay.
Just one more day is all I ask but that was not to be.
So through the tears I'll carry on and make you proud of me.

We spent our lives together and enjoyed so many things.
Happy thoughts of time with you to my heart laughter brings.
Your special toys the things you loved are all around me stil
Everything i see reminds me of you and i guess it always will.

My heart is with you where you are and i know yours with me.
And you are watching from above and still you care it's plain to see.
So rest my love and wait for me and one day I shall come.
In my hand there will be a rose a gift for you from home.

~~ Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie February 4 2005-2020~~


When time has flown so quickly and your friend has to leave your side.
The love you shared so freely will comfort you each day.
If tomorrow brings you sorrow in waves like the oceans tide.
The memories of days gone by will wash the pain away.

For the time spent loving is never lost and the love lives in your heart.
So when they leave this earthly life you have not lost your friend.
Their love for you and yours for them means you will never part.
And one day you will be together at the journeys end.

So look beyond the rainbow each day and you will see
They are happy each and every day as they wait for us to come.
The colors of the rainbow tell us of the joy that is to be.
When we see them once again at journeys end and we finally go home.

Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~February 21 2006-2020~~


I come to you in spring time birth.
In raindrops gentle on your face.
When Flowers sweet will blanket earth.
You feel me in our special place

I come to you in dreams so real.
Reach out and touch the love I bring.
I come to you in summertime.
In sunshine warm and birds that sing.

I come to you in falling leaves.
In breezes soft that whisper love.
In memories your heart receives.
The gifts I send you from above.

I come to you in winter snow.
Falling softly from the sky.
In embers of the firelight's glow.
We are together you and I.

In every season of each year.
I come to bring you peace of heart.
I wipe away each single tear.
To tell you we are not apart.

For in each source of beauty sweet.
You will feel me always near.
When time arrives for us to meet.
You will find me waiting here.

~ AurichWolf aka Katie~2008~

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